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进外企要学商务英语吗_党员可以进外企吗_全国英语翻译证书和商务英语哪个好 进外企

商务英语-外企面试常见问题 - 美联英语提供:商务英语-外企面试常见问题 关于商务英语,那些你不知道的事都在这里

美联英语提供:商务英语-外企面试常见问题关于商务英语,那些你不知道的事却在这里 外企面试常见原因 1. 面试常问原因 Tell me about yourself. What is your greatest strength? What is your greatest weakness? Tell me about something that's not on your resume. How will your greatest strength help you perform? How do you handle failure? How do you handle success? Do you consider yourself successful? Why? How do you handle stress and pressure? How would you describe yourself? Describe a typical work week. Describe your work style. Do you work well with other people? Do you take work home with you? How are you different from the competition?How do you view yourself? Whom do you compare yourself to? How does this job fit in with your career plan? How many hours a week do you normally work? How would you adjust to working for a new company? How would you describe the pace at which you work? How would your co-workers describe your personality? Is there anything else we should know about you? What motivates you? Are you a self motivator? What do you find are the most difficult decisions to make? What has been the greatest disappointment in your life? What are you passionate about? What are your hobbies? What is your dream job? What will you miss most about your last job? What won’t you miss about your last job? Why are you leaving your job? Why do you want to change jobs? Why were you laid-off? Why did you quit your job? Why did you resign?What have you been doing since your last job? Why have you been out of work so long? -谈论你自己英语培训哪里好,自我介绍 -职业规划以及职业发展-薪资要求 -关于你的文凭/技能(应届毕业生) -关于你里一份工作回到的缘由/工作表现/同事交往 -工作背景 -教育背景 -团队管理/团队工作/同事交往 -面试官同意聘用你的原因,下面来分享一下面试常用词语 1. 打招呼 Firstly, thank you for your interview. It’s mygreat pleasure/honor to have this opportunity to xxx 2. 介绍几乎信息,包括姓名、年龄、毕业学校跟专业等。

My (English/Chinese) name is Tim. I’ve graduated from Sichuan University and my major is I majored /be majoring in xxxx 3. 目的 1. I have always been eager to serve (the company/ organization) in a better way 2. I am confident that I am qualified forthe post of xxx (职位的名称). 4. 背景 a. 如果你是本科毕业生进外企要学商务英语吗,你需反思学习历程和在校举办的社会实践活动,说明获奖情形以 及获得什么资格证书等。During my college, I have solid academic performance about xxx and I am good at xxx. I have obtained xxx certificates. b. 如果你是有工作经历的人,你需反思工作经验或社会体验, 阐述你在当时企业的工作业 绩和你回到公司的理由。

Last but not least, I even have some workingexperience in xxx, and xxx years ago, I worked in xxx 5. 个性说明。 As for my character (personality) , I am a (e.g. responsible,honest, dynamic ……) person. 6. 爱好情况(最好是与你所面试职位相关的)。 I have many hobbies including xxx .I firmly believe that my strength will contribute tothe xxx (公司) if I am the xxx (职位) 或 if I get the job. 7. 表示谢谢。 Thank you for giving me this chance. 面试常用名词 1. mature 成熟 2. high sense of responsibility 具高度责任感3. highly motivated and reliable person 上进心强再可靠者 4. energetic/fashion-minded person /open minded person 5. strong determination to do sth 对于做 sth 有多大决心 6. mature,self-motivated and strong interpersonal skills 并具极独特的人际关系技巧 思想成熟、上进心强进外企要学商务英语吗, 精力旺盛、思想新潮7.. cheerful and friendly乐观和团结 能够独立工作 积极主动、独立工作会8. ability to work independently9. initiative,independent with good communication skills 力强,并有较好的交际技能 10. be willing to work under pressure with leadership skills 具领导能力 11. ability to work well with others愿意在压力下工作,并无法同别人一道很好地工作 有创业能力,并可独立地从12. the ability to initiate and operate independently 13. be highly organized and efficient工作更有条理,办事能力高 善于同这些人员打交道14. ability to deal with personnel at all levels effectively15. have positive work attitude and be willing and able to work diligently without supervision 有尽力的工作观念,愿意跟无法在没有监督的状况下努力地工作 有较好的员工管理跟交际能力 能够在高强度压力16. good management and communication skills17. be able to work under high pressure and time limitation 下跟时间限制下进行工作 18. with good managerial skills and organizational capabilities 术和组织效率 The Sentences Used When doing Self-introduction 1. May I introduce myself? 2. Let me introduce myself. 3. I graduated three years ago. 我可以自我推荐一下吗? 让我自我介绍一下。

我终于毕业两年了。有良好的管理艺4. I am majoring in economics.我主修经济学。5. Which aspect do you want to know about me?/What do you want to know about myself? 您想知道我哪方面的状况? 我看见他们在今6. I noticed that you advertised a job in this morning’s paper. 早的杂志里报导的招聘广告。 7. I’m coming for position ….我是来应聘你们广告里的……职位的。 我申请了贵公司的……职位。 你们应该兼职吗? ( job opening) 我在找工作,8. I have applied for the position of …. 9. Do you have any jobs for a part-timer?10. I’m looking for a job. Are there any vacancies? 请问你们有空缺吗? 11. I got a degree in xxxx. 12. I think I’m quite fit for xxxx 13. I’m quite familiar with editing. 14. I am going to get a job in a school.我作过这些编辑工作。

我想要去大学找份工作。15. I worked in the accounting department of a manufacturer of electrical products. 我曾在电子产品制造商的会计组工作。 16. I used to work as a sale’s manager. 我现在作销售经理。17.I hope to get an offer of a better position. If an opportunity knocks, I will take it. 我希望能得到一份更好的工作,如果机会来临,我能把握。 18. I feel I have reached the "glass ceiling" in my current job. / I feel there is no opportunity for advancement.我认为现今的工作,已经超过顶峰,即没有升迁机会。19. With my qualifications and experience, I feel I am hardworking, responsible and diligent in any project I undertake. Your organization could benefit from my analytical and interpersonal skills.依我的资格跟经验, 我认为我对所从事的每一个项目又 很认真、负责、勤勉。

我的探讨意识跟与人交往的要点,对贵单位必有价值。 20. With my strong academic background, I am capable and competent. 良好的学业背景,我可以胜任自己的工作,而且我说过自己最有竞争力。 21. I feel I can do some positive contributions to your company in the future. 觉得我对贵公司会作点积极性的贡献。 22. It is necessary in my current (or previous) position and I know I can handle it well. 这种方法就是我如今(先前)工作所必须的学英语从零开始,我知道我要应付自如。 23. I'm quite hard-working, responsible, capable, and outgoing. 作努力、负责、能干,而且外向的人。 24. I'm very interested in learning new things . 我作为学习新的事物感到更有兴趣。

我认为自己是个工 我 凭借我25. As for my personality, I think I'm very honest and I have a strong sense of responsibility. In general, I'm very easygoing, but I get very serious and cautious when I work.性格方面,我认为自己是一个坦诚和充满责任感的人。大体来说,我最乐观, 但我在工作的之后更仔细也最小心谨慎。

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